BOV Battery Setup

After the completion work on the battery isolator combo, I finally found an ideal place to store the battery. The storage box that I made was big enough to fit the battery inside but there is some work need to be done.

Cigarette Charger Battery Volt Meter With Temp and Time

Bought this gadget when I was in Singapore and decided to install in our campervan.  You are able to check both the temperature inside and outside the vehicle and it comes with a volt meter reading that gives out an alarm when the battery is low. 

Joeypa Battery Isolator Combo

Found this battery isolator from the local internet. My plan is to hook up the old battery that I recently replaced and use it for BOV camping. I found this piece of hardware rather interesting is that you can hook up to Solar panel if you have one. Also you are able to use it with multiply batteries. 

Wind Deflector

The last typhoon had ripped off my front left passenger side wind deflector. Sometime back I had accidentally broke it into 2 pieces and had use a duct tape to hold in place. The current wind deflector was by EGR but I could not find any replacement from the internet. I ended up placing a local order for a brand new set.

Battery Replacement

old battery 9 Nov 2010
This is the second time the old battery went flat on me. Well, can't really blame the battery since we have not even started the vehicle for a long time. The last time it was on the road was somewhere late July and now it has been 4 months since the engine was started.

Cargo Space Maintenance

Passenger seats were removed, carpet was taken out to vacuum. The bare cargo space was cleaned and inspected for corrosion.