Cabin Interior LED Lighting

Bought these cheap LEDs, some connectors, switches and 10mtrs wire to use with our vehicle Aux Battery. One white LED will be used on the cool box, the other will be the kitchen and the red LED for night vision so that it is not obvious from outside of our vehicle and also not to disturb partner when she is asleep. 

Planned to installed these switches on the seat belt mechanism cover. I removed the covers back home and started measuring and cut a few holes for the switches. I did all the necessary wiring on cover so that it was easier to installed in the vehicle.

Total cost for installation NTD383

Travel Life Bike Carrier SBC-01

We have owned couple of bike carriers before and  for almost 2 years we have been hunting for a second hand bike carrier that can fit our Delica rear. It was not easy looking for such bike carrier as our vehicle rear is rather tall.

Finally we found someone was selling his for a good deal. He was a police man and we had to drive to his station to view the bike carrier. Formerly he had use it on his SUV until his car crashed. The original price for this model SBC-01 cost NT7800 but we only paid NT2800.