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For the last 2 years after driving the Deilca, finally my vehicle transmission never felt this good. At the beginning as I was not familiar to this decade old auto transmission, thinking the auto gear on the 4th was very tricky and I would have to rev the rpm to 3000 before it changes gear. Suddenly there was a time I had to hit 3500rpm. I had a feeling that my gear box was giving way.

Just the other day 17 Nov 2011 took the vehicle to the workshop, decided to inspect the under carriage and found there was oil around the transmission box. On closer inspection found the oil was leaking from the Solenoid. Workshop told me I would have to replace the complete solenoid valve costing NTD6552 as it can't be repaired. 

Finally after the workshop, the vehicle was transmitting flawlessly and my fuel mileage had increase by another 150km. Never had the vehicle done above 550km on a 65lts tank, the fuel gauge was not close to empty.

What is a Solenoid Valve?
A solenoid valve is an electrical valve that control oil flow. In such case on a vehicle, when it reaches a certain RPM, the solenoid valve would activate and control the oil flow to change the gear.

Before jumping conclusion to any auto gearbox problem, suggest you check on the solenoid valve and usually this are the main culprit to transmission problem. Gearbox hardly breakdown unless it has been abused or lack of oil change maintenance. Unlike manual gearbox, most auto gearbox cannot be repaired and it has to be changed completely. So take good care, check the oil level and change it frequently. 

at the same time had all the belting changed

changed the leaking oil hose

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