Intex Inflatable Mattress

This our new sleeping arrangement in our BOV. Partner has been complaining that that the Therm-a-Rest mattress was not comfortable as there is a bulge between the lowered seat and the wooden platform. We decided to get this mattress instead and also purchased the 12V Air Pump which we can use from a spare battery. They do come in 110V Air Pump but we felt that if we were bugging out and there is no 110V we will face a problem. It takes few minutes to inflated and deflate with the Air Pump. There is also an option of a hand pump but we felt is was unnecessary and takes up space   

Previously I have self designed the wooden platform so that the passenger chair can be lowered and be at level with the wooden rack. The panel can be folded up so that it does not occupy space. 

Overall my partner is happy but not me, I felt the mattress a little uncomfortable as it has bulges on the top. A way to solve the problem is not to inflate too hard, maybe some like it and some do not.  

 need to rework on the hinged as a single hinge is not really secure, will try using rivets

 bungee cord to hold the board in place

 hinged support for the folding board and can be lowered 

 our compressible Therm-a-Rest pillow

12V Air Pump deflating the mattress

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Inflatable Mattress. Labels: BOV Setup. This our new sleeping arrangement in our BOV. Partner has been complaining that that the Therm-a-Rest mattress ...