Cabin Lamp LED 3020 SMD

Sometime we would camp out in the night and used the vehicle cabin lamp. After sometime the lamp gets very warm creating the air flow in the cabin warm too. I decided to change it to LED and found this model selling reasonably priced, less than USD10. Made purchase for two pieces, one for the cabin and another for the rear door lamp.

This is a 3020 SMD 18 LED 12V type. Rating at 1.14watts, 0.08Amp producing around 525 Lumens. The size of the LED is 20x45mm and it comes with various connectors to suit your needs. The spring type connector able to fit between 31mm to 38mm.

Installation is rather simple, remove the old bulb and use the correct conectors to fit. The LED backing has a 3M double sided tape, simply stick it to the lamp housing and it is done. The result, it was brighter than before and less warmer.

Last installed was in Dec 2010, so far it has not failed. Below this Post there are different types of LEDs

Logos Recliner Lounge Chair

Size: 81 x 61 x 96cm
Seat height: 42cm
Packed size: 14 x 92cm
Weight: 4kg
Material: polyester and steel
Price: Around NT1200

This is probably one of the most comfortable camping equipment in my list. After surveying local and oversea made lounge chairs, I decided to purchase the Logos from PC home Online shopping. Logos products are all from Japan and they do not come cheap, I was pretty surprise that it arrived the next morning. It came  in a carton box and there was a storage sack with it. After using on couple of camping trips we were pretty happy with the purchased. Unlike many camping chairs, the Logos chair is able to recline into a very comfortable position. Couple of times we actually fell asleep on it. 

RS-MF50 Mobile Cool Box

RS-MF50 Specification
Capacity: 50lts
Temp Range: +10 deg C to -20 deg C
Compressor: Danfoss anti-vibration
Current input: DC12V/24V and AC110V/240V
Weight: 21Kg
Dimension: 485x680x460mm
Warranty:  1 year

Scooda Side Awning Tent

Partner has been pestering for a year to get this tent. Personally, I like to keep it simple and avoid too many camping gears in our BOV (Bug out Vehicle). Previously I would only use 2 telescopic pole and a tent footprint as a Tarp. I like playing with rope works and I like simplicity. Well, she wanted it to keep insects away, for me is not a problem. That the difference between a SE Asian and an East Asian. 

When I was in Dubai outstationed, she pestered me once more and I gave in. Now that I am back and tried out this new tent so here is the review. 

BOV Awning

Having an awning is like having a tent tarp. It provide shelter from the rain and sun so that you can sit outdoor or cooking with nature. I have seen many RV vehicles with fixed retractable awning and have checked the prices in the market. Somehow I was not in favour because it was too expensive and the addition of the RV awning create weight and wind drag issues for the vehicle. I came out with an idea using my 3 men tent  footprint. 

Side Storage Top Rack

Due to storage space constraint, I decided to build an over head side storage. The side Air con ducting in the Delica was really not of much use so I decided to remove and replace with a storage rack. Removing the ducting did take time, firstly in involves removing the vane and there are screw holding the ducting to the vehicle chassis.