Auto Transmission Fix

For the last 2 years after driving the Deilca, finally my vehicle transmission never felt this good. At the beginning as I was not familiar to this decade old auto transmission, thinking the auto gear on the 4th was very tricky and I would have to rev the rpm to 3000 before it changes gear. Suddenly there was a time I had to hit 3500rpm. I had a feeling that my gear box was giving way.

Mobile Kitchen Chuck Box

We like to keep things simple and yet multi-functional. We needed a one system kitchen setup where we can use in our RV or at the campsite. We needed everything to be at one place and not searching all over the place for one spoon. Everything in the kitchen, pots, kettle, bowl, chopping board, knife, stove, spice rack etc must be in one location easy to access and work.

For us Kitchen is a work station, everything must be in our hands reach and also it must not have too much trouble installing for outdoor usage.

 After much brainstorming, took a few measurements and we came out with a plan for a Mobile Kitchen Box.  Here are the details below.

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